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Management Philosophy

Corporate Service

We always consummate the corporation organizing system and improve the time of response on decision to shorten the distance with customer. Company is on the front while service is always with you.. We should think more than customer, knowing his opinions and trust degree in advance. At the same time, we should keep going on understanding customer and following the customers’ development and studying from customer in a continuous way. Through service, the satisfaction degree on products can be improved. Through improvement and innovation, customers’ continuous changing demands can be satisfied quickly.Through service, customer value can be improved, which could also create the value for the corporation.

Corporate Talents Strategy
Trust on employees is corporate’s wealth and root. Talents are the future of our corporate, so we must make sure the good talents will be the first beneficiary from the development of our company. Talent must be gathered and developed and respected. We should construct the platform to our employees to show their ability through system of development and encouragement with training and assessment, which will create the glorious change and space for employees’ development.

Corporate Culture 
Corporate culture is the accumulation of our enterprise wealth. It is also the living source and engine of enterprise. We build a vivid and harmonious cultural environment, which is also of honesty and tolerance. We create and share a positive humanities environment, which is also studying hard and respect to each other. We promote the spirit of devotion and challenge to work with sense of responsibility and mission. We pursue the team value of gathering little to make a mickle. We set the mechanism and measures to benefit the development of employees, which will formulate the powerful cohesive force and combat strength.

Address:DongKang Road, Changsonggang Industry Zone, Liushi Street, Dongyang City 322100, Zhejiang, China
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